What is Spotify? Application to listen to music

While there are alternatives that have emerged over time and are cheaper or even free in many cases, Spotify continues to lead with a series of plans offered to the greatest music lovers as well as for those They hear it occasionally.

How much music is on Spotify

Currently, Spotify has more than 10 million songs in its database, so users can get ready to listen to both the artists they prefer and new talent through playlists in which they are excellent recommendations. All this without mentioning that also, thanks to its connection to social networks, you can interact with friends who use the same service.

How to access Spotify and enjoy the music you like?

Download the application

To access the Spotify service you just have to download the application from its website and make a simple user and password registration.

Choose your plan

There are various plans, such as Open, Free, Unlimited and Premium.

Spotify integrated with social networks

As we mentioned earlier, Spotify can now be integrated with social networks quite simply, to see what your friends hear and show them what you hear. In the same way, you can make comments, share new tracks and even follow the playlists that your friends make in case you want to.

Listen privately

Besides, at no time should your privacy be sacrificed since Spotify integrates its private listening option with which you can use this music streaming service completely free and without complications.

Every day some fewer people buy music, and music streaming services such as Spotify offer a great alternative in which artists are even paid for reproductions of their songs.

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