Sizes of a violin bow

The violin is a string instrument that generates a high-pitched sound due, among other things, to its small size, in fact, the violin is the smallest within the string instruments. Article by jfrankhenderson reviews site. Parts of the violin bow and sizes.

There are different types of violins and, these vary according to their size or measure, according to this, the violin is usually named with “sizes” infractions ranging from 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, ½, 1 / 4, ¾ to the most common 4/4.

Well, for each of these sizes of violins there is an appropriate bow for the corresponding length.

The viola is a different violin instrument but it is like a larger violin and the bow that corresponds is the arc of 75cm , this follows the arc of the violin which measures 74cm then, we bow cello measuring 72cm and finally the one of the double bass that is the smallest arch, with a size of 70cm .

Size and shape of the violin bow

The size of a violin bow varies not only according to the size of the violin with which it is to be used but also the shape of the bow rod, which can be hexagonal or round. In addition to size, violin bows also vary in weight that is used for viola, violin, and double bass respectively.

In the invention of the violin bow, in the 18th century only one bow size was recorded and it was 75cm, that is, that of the violin, although the viola and violin bow varies only by one centimeter, for musicians it is more convenient to use the corresponding bow with either the viola or the violin, since, in this way, musical techniques can be used more easily.

As we said in the article on the price of the violin bow, they will be more or less expensive depending on the size and material of the bow.

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