Score editing computer programs

The computer programs for editing scores are those programs capable of writing music on a score, which serves as an excellent tool for many musicians who live in the digital era.

This is especially true when we consider that, besides, they can reproduce the score we are writing, importing or exporting scores in various formats ranging from image or sound files to PDF or MIDI files.

This is a very useful tool for the field of music education since it is something that makes the daily work that represents the creation of scores, musical arrangements of different types, and the various instrumentations for students within this field of teaching quite easy…

In the same way, for the slightly more experienced musicians, it makes possible the hand composition with improvisation on musical arrangements that have been made with our editor, thus being able to hear what the result of the group is through our computer, greatly favoring musical reading while at the same time developing the ear, allowing melodic and rhythmic dictation to be something much simpler.


One of the great programs for this purpose is Finale, which belongs to the American company MakeMusic, which is mainly dedicated to developing music software for anyone interested in them. More than 20 years ago it was released for the first time and since then it has been updated several times to keep up with the innovations that have been made at the technological level.

This score editor has a full range of virtual orchestral instruments within a fairly elegant interface, allowing the user to have a high level of control within every aspect within what corresponds to the creation of scores musicals, including a fairly complete palette of editing tools.


On the other hand, we find Sibelius, which is a program belonging to the Avid company. This score editing program also has a considerable amount of time in the market, having been released in 1998 for the first time, hooking a wide variety of users to its user-friendly interface.

Today we can get the latest update that has more than 150 sounds integrated with high quality, as well as an immense variety of templates that serve perfectly for professional compositions or interesting educators and students. It is a much simpler program than Finale, and one could say that it is located more towards the field of education and casual entertainment. One of the great advantages is that you can download the demo version from its website so you can try it before buying it.


Another of the computer score editing programs that might interest you is called Lilypond, which is a completely free and open-source editor with a general public license. This score editing program does not have a graphical interface, on the contrary, all editing is controlled from a text editor in which the various commands necessary to create our score must be entered.

Other programs

In the same way, you may be interested in looking for other score editing programs that are not as popular but worth checking out. These are:

  • Graphire Music Press
  • Grégoire
  • Guitar pro
  • NoteAbilityPro
  • Encore
  • Harmony Assistance
  • Rosegarden
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