Price of a violin bow

In the world, there are several stringed instruments used, generally, in orchestras, such as the violin.

While it is true that the violin can be played only with the hands of the pizzicato technique, it is usual to use the bow to play this instrument.

Variety of violin bows

There is a lot of variety as far as violin bows are concerned, either by their brand, material or by the type of violin in which it will be used. Usually, most violin bows consist primarily of a rod called precisely a bow, the ribbon (where the hairs or bristles are) and the heel where the heart and ring fingers are placed.

The use (and sometimes the misuse) of the bow will cause the bristles of the violin bow to break. In this case, the time will come when we will have to enclose the arch again.

The arches last a long time without having to be changed.

Prices of violin bows

Different prices of violin bows are handled in the market, which varies according to their material or brand, these prices range from € 23.90, € 85, € 600, as the case may be.

As you know, the prices in music and especially in instruments, have no end. Regarding the prices of violin bows, you can also find violin bows with prices above € 6,000.

Size also matters in the violin bow

Remember that violins have different sizes and that this also applies to the bows and their prices. Apart from the fact that the bigger (4/4), the more expensive the bow is, what is also true is that the best violins and bows in terms of quality are usually for adults, and therefore it is the big ones that can Reach more expensive prices.

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