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That is why, if you want to have a tuner, you can have it since both Android and IOS make this possible, and here I bring you these mobile applications that service so that the action of tuning a guitar not only stays in a standard tuner, but that can also be solved with any smartphone (smartphone) that has access to these Apps.

pressing, and with this we only have to press each of the strings so that at the top it indicates if we are below the note (the indicator would be on the left), above (the indicator would be on the right) or fine-tuned (the ball would turn green and in the center).

It also brings games to learn the chords, recognize the chords by ear and others also dedicated to chords.

Guitar Tuner Free – Fender Tune

The application was available for Android and IOS.

Fender mobile device application that allows you to tune your guitar.

In the initial screen, we have the six strings at the bottom and we simply have to press the string we want and it will indicate how close we are to the correct tuning, and when we have achieved it will indicate it with a circle to see in the center of the screen with the note inside.

We can also take the manual option that will emit a sound with the note of the string we want. This option is for advanced amateurs.

BOSS Tuner

Mobile application available for both Android and IOS

Mobile applications developed by BOSS, also free and without advertising. It is a chromatic tuner, so it will not tell us in which string we are but in which note. The risk, in this case, is that we can be in a la, but from what rope do we have to decide. For this reason, this tuner is not the most suitable for beginners.

As in the previous tuners, it will tell us how close we are to tuning above or below, or with the green color above the note if it is perfectly tuned.

Tuner and Metronome – Soundcorset

An application like the previous ones available for both Android and IOS.

This application offers a chromatic tuner and does not offer the specific tuner for various instruments. It also offers us the possibility of emitting the sound of the note we want, as well as analyzing the sound.

But if this application brings something different, it is the metronome that has been incorporated with many configuration options, such as increasing or decreasing the speed, changing the measure, subdividing each time into triplets, sixteenth notes or different groups such as eighth notes and two sixteenths, etc. In other words, a fairly complete metronome.

Pro Guitar Tuner

Application also available for Android and IOS .

This mobile application of Guitar Pro is quite similar to the Guitar Tuna, but it is only free for the standard guitar, so for the specific tuning of virtually all other instruments, you have to buy it. To fine-tune, we simply have to press the desired string and see if the needle is set to zero and the circle with the note takes the color green.

If we press on each of the strings they emit the sound with the corresponding note.

In the case of having the payment option, if we want to change instruments, click on the tab to the left of the strings.

We can also configure different tuner options, which in principle is not necessary.

It is a fact that for every good musician, having a tuner can help you improve both the sound of your guitar and the way you play since the sound is what will give a totally harmonic or simpler touch depending on the tuning.

Other alternatives to tune a guitar

Remember well that if you need to tune a guitar, you not only have these alternatives, since, for those who like something a little more complicated but that in turn will help you in terms of auditory practice, we recommend that you look for guitar sounds on the platform. YouTube.

This platform is well known for having any type of video, the videos for tuning instruments are one of them. Listen carefully to each musical note that the video provides. If you feel that it did not stay the same, just by playing again and looking for the tone that corresponds to each string is enough and leftover.

Remember that guitars are the instruments that par excellence makes musicians great if you want to be great to keep your instrument tuned.

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